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Can you say “slightly overwhelmed”???? That’s what I am…. I needed to start getting my textbook orders in for fall semester. I worked with the bookstore and we ended up with tons of stuff. In fact, there is still stuff on order, but I have like 8 new books to read for fall! Plus, the three that are being ordered and one new textbook! Now, I like reading, but when you’re teaching it, you really, really, have to read it and know it backwards and forwards. So, this involves more than just hanging out and reading. This will mean I have to sit with pencil and highlighter in hand and be in a very quiet place. Just a sampling of what I have to read…Black Elk Speaks, Canterbury Tales, Common Sense, and I have to re-read The Iliad I am so much more familiar with The Odyssey but that doesn’t work out with my syllabus. So, do you see how fun my next few months will be? I do love learning, but I feel overwhelmed when it all comes to me at once. I actually have lots of time, but I feel the need to get it all done ASAP. CALGON!!!!!!

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