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It is just a rainy, rainy cold day today. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same minus the rain. So, it won’t be a sunny Easter. That’s ok, because we don’t have any plans.

Last night was an adventure. We went to the high school production because Mark is recruiting a couple of the kids. This place is like 40 minutes away. Mark knew some kind of short cut through back roads to get there. So, we took it and wonder of wonders he actually got us there. Now, getting out of this LONG production we started to head back the same way. But, I, in my infinite wisdom, was reading the signs and determined that instead of turning where we did originally we should go straight because it would eventually take us to a highway and we wouldn’t have to be on dark country roads. So, he took it, but the moment he took it he said, “This is a huge mistake.” Which it was. We started driving and suddenly were heading north – we needed to go south. We lost all the signs meaning we were driving deeper and deeper into country territory. So, in the middle of this country road, I fessed up that I was obviously wrong. Mark spun the car around – and I mean spun – he was pissed! Heading back we couldn’t find the place where we were supposed to turn. We were now heading East – not good. Mark is slapping the steering and saying my name over and over. Finally he announces that no matter what he’s taking the next right. So, the very next right was this gravel road. He turned on it and we headed down to no-man’s land. There wasn’t a building in site – plus there were no fences – usually there are fences because people are keeping in livestock. We drove about 10 minutes before we finally saw a house! We eventually came up to an intersection – mind you, we weren’t talking this whole time because Mark is still pissed. The road we intersected was paved! Glory days! We turned on it and felt much better about being on a paved road in the middle of nowhere rather than on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. We drove and drove. We could see where we should be because the lights of the town were in the sky. But we just couldn’t get there – frustrating. After much driving we suddenly popped out on the highway?!?! I breathed a huge sigh of relief! I tried to talk, but Mark still wasn’t having any of it. See, we had reservations at the restaurant for 10:15 – it was 11 before we made it there. We know the people so we called and told them we were running mighty late. After Mark had sipped on his first beer for awhile he was finally able to talk. He looked at me and shook his head saying, “Next time we’re following my directions.” I agreed. I had totally messed up. Usually I’m pretty well on the money with directions. Luckily I didn’t drink with dinner because the rumor going around the restaurant was that there were sobriety check points all over. So, I drove home – the last thing we wanted was for this night to get even worse. Luckily we didn’t run in to anything.

We got home around 1 and I went right to bed. This afternoon we need to get some stuff done around the house and I have homework to do. We also have to see ANOTHER high school play tonight, but this one is in town. Thank goodness, I don’t think I can get us lost this time.

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