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Tuesday was an odd day. There was some drama at work. I won’t go into it now, I need it to all blow over before I blog about it – just in case. I’m kind of in trouble, so I’m keeping a low profile and trying to be PC about everything right now. It’s nothing MAJOR – it’s caused by me though. I kept checking my work email and work voicemail last night at home to see if anyone was wanting to talk to me. Luckily I think it’s all over for now… Keep our fingers crossed.

Yesterday, Mark and I went grocery shopping – finally! I counted. It’s been a little over three weeks since we last went. There wasn’t much in the house. In fact, lunch the other day was a packet of oatmeal. Now, I have oatmeal for lunch many times, but I have it because I want it, not because it’s the only thing left. So, since the kitty was almost out of food we decided to shop. I won’t go into our purchases or how much we spent – don’t want to create drama.

Speaking of kitty – this morning, while I was getting dressed she was in my bathroom making some noise. I kind of ignored it – when I came around the corner she had unraveled the toilet paper from the roll and shredded it all over the place. I stared at it and decided to clean it up when I get home tonight. Mercy she’s a busy kitty at 6:30 in the morning. How does she do it? I can barely get my leg in my pants without falling down, and she’s having playtime. Must be nice.

Markie leaves tomorrow for Oklahoma City. A college is putting on one of his plays and he wants to be there. I’m not going because I have class and because we’re going to be gone next weekend overnight and I don’t want to leave the kitty alone that much. We talked to the director – we know her – she’s an alumni – and she said her actors are nervous about the playwright being in the audience. I laughed. I imagine they are stressed, I would be too. Performing the playwright’s work in front of him??? But at the same time, it’s just plain ole Markie. No biggie. But they don’t know that. We have off on Friday so I’ll go to class on Thursday then stay up late and read and sleep in on Friday morning. Hubby should be home around lunch time on Friday, then we can let our long weekend begin.

Actually we have some plans for our Easter weekend. Friday night we need to travel to a nearby high school to watch their play – it’s a recruiting necessity for Mark. Then Saturday night we watch another high school production – again, a recruiting thing. Watching some high school productions is like pulling teeth. Let’s hope these are better than that.

Ok, gonna keep my nose to the grindstone and behave today!

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