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Mercy, was it hard to get up this morning for some reason. I’ve had a busy day, so there hasn’t been much time to rest. Boo-hoo. I had classes all morning, then I had a 1:30 meeting. At 3:30 I have a hair appointment – bangs are getting long. And, I have quilting class tonight. I will go to bed early! I hope. I think dinner will probably be oatmeal or something – that’s what I’m hungry for, so that could be the ticket. Mark has to stay at campus because he opens his show tonight, so we won’t be having dinner together tonight.

I hope to get much accomplished this weekend – namely crafts and some reading. I am behind on my reading. I’ve been dragging myself to bed with my book then end up petting the kitty and playing with her instead. She loves to pounce on your hand when you move it around under the covers. What a cutie bear.

Ok, my brain is kind of numb so I don’t really even know why I’m writing – boredom perhaps. sigh

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