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Well, here I am – at my desk. Working once again. I can practically count the days till summer, but it barely seems like spring. Things are just now starting to bud and slowly turn green. Hard to believe that in a few months it’ll be hot. I’m not ready for that. I can take the cold more than I can take the heat. I sweat too much. Ick.

Mark is at jury duty today – he’s not too happy, but hey, another day off of work for him. So, I’m filling in on stuff for him and taking care of some of his work today. Nothing hard, just little busy work.

When I got in my office this morning – which I haven’t been in for a week – a roach was running across my desk. ICK! I am emailing maintenance and having them come spray. I don’t wanna drag those things home in my purse or something. I killed it. It was a young one, so that’s not a good thing. I already scrubbed my desk top – who knows what was walking around on here in the dark while I was gone???

Last night, Mark and I had trouble sleeping – probably because we’ve been getting up at 11 and napping in the afternoons, so going to bed last night at a decent hour didn’t work. We ended up talking and laughing in the dark till 1 a.m. Boy, the night goes quickly when you have to be up at 6. It’s gonna take me a few days to get back in the swing of things – my body isn’t used to alarm clocks right now. That’s gonna have to change.

Well, the pile on my desk is big – hopefully not roach filled – and I need to tackle it – I feel like I’m behind…

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