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I’ve had my nightly tea and am ready for my shower. Lately I’ve been showering before bed because I am having a hell of time getting out of bed in the mornings. I could keep hitting snooze forever. So I am allowing myself a few more minutes without having to shower and blow dry my hair in the mornings. I think I’m getting antsy for school to be out.

I still have one load of laundry to fold – not sure if I’ll do it or not tonight. It’s not going anywhere. I am planning on spending the rest of night after I am squeaky clean, working on my knitting.

Oh, I packed tonight too – big victory for me. Took forever and I literally crammed stuff in – which is a little unusual for me, so I guess I’ll have to do some ironing at mom’s house. We are going to dinner a few times while we’re there, we’ll probably go see a movie, we need to do a little computer stuff shopping – Best Buy is probably in order, we need to check out the new Border’s by her house and I want to search for a yarn store or something – I need inspiration – But, the very first thing we’re doing – getting my tattoo! Yippie! Tattoo number 3. I’ve been waiting for this one. I was going to get it in the fall, but Mark was battling paralysis so I decided we had better things to do. But he’s healthy and I’m ready! I’m getting two little baby sized kitty paws on the top of my left foot under my pinky toe – OUCH! That’s a sensitive spot – but I’m ready. In my dreams I want 5 tattoos – two more to go, and a total of 7 piercings – one more to go. Then I will feel complete. It’s hard to explain, but they do something to me – give me energy, give me confidence – not just at that moment, but it stays with me. I really think people that are tattooed and pierced understand because it’s such an odd thing.

But, now it’s time to shower! A nice hot shower!!!

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