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After the show last night we went for a late dinner with a friend of ours that was in town. We had fun, but we were starting to yawn during our conversation, so knew it was time to head home. I got to sleep around 1 a.m. and got up this morning at 11. I love sleeping in! I had some tea and a pudding cup. Later on we’ll have lunch and then get ready for the show again tonight. Then we have to remember to change our clocks. Tomorrow morning, Mark has to go back to the theatre to strike the set with his students. Another one gone! Only one more show to do this semester! The end is near!

I haven’t done any homework this weekend, but it’s still early, I have time.

Oh, Mark bought a banjo off of ebay yesterday. I have no idea why. He doesn’t know how to read music or anything. He claims he’ll be able to start playing at no time at all. Now, I’m not a music know-it-all, but I can read music and play stuff. Without reading music – and I know he can’t play by ear because he’s tinkered with other instruments – I don’t see how he’s gonna get the banjo (of all instruments). You know how hard that one is to master?!?!? I’m not sure he realizes how hard that is going to be. He swears that this summer the two of us can “jam” together – he on banjo, and me on guitar. Oh my – I bet him that it wouldn’t happen. We’ll see, maybe he’ll prove me wrong and be a banjo prodigy. I’m very optimistic though…

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