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Good Monday morning. Another adventure. We had to take the car back in because all the brake fluid came out of the car – the line must not have held. So, Mark drove behind me so he would only have to slam into me. Which he almost did. We got tons of dirty looks. We were going 25 on a 65. I’m sure we made some people’s Monday morning horrible for them. Hopefully we can get it back today.

We stayed up and watched the Oscars. I’m happy for Sean Penn, but I was rooting for Bill Murray. Loved the dresses. For the most part everyone was super beautiful. I got tons of knitting done. I am amazed at myself. I want to make so many things, but I can’t understand the damn patterns. I wish they would spell them out for beginners. I got back and forth and look stuff up, but it still doesn’t make sense. Ok, that and the fact I don’t know how to increase or decrease. I try and do it, but it kind of makes a buttonhole effect. I hope I’m not destined to make scarves for the rest of my life. I want to try other things. Boo-hoo

I really should go – I’ve been goofing off online too long now.

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