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I came home from work and go all my chores and stuff done. I am very proud of myself. I actually have time to do some homework and stuff tonight. Makes me happy. Tomorrow we are getting our taxes done. That always makes me nervous and stuff. I am always afraid of something drastic happening for some reason. Like, all of a sudden the accountant lady will press a secret button and the tax police people will come crawling out of the nooks and crannies and arrest us because we didn’t balance our checkbook correctly or something like that. I always feel guilty for no reason. Must be that Catholic upbringing.

I haven’t done one iota of my quilting homework. How bad is that? Our teacher is ready to start another project in two weeks. There’s not way I’m even close to getting this one done in two weeks. I really need to get crackin’. If I don’t have homework tomorrow I’ll be able to work on my quilt tomorrow. I have a very crammed day at work tomorrow, so I won’t have much time to get stuff done during the day. Perhaps I should just stop assigning stuff, then I wouldn’t have anything to grade. Believe me, the students have mentioned that to me many times. But, believe me, I’ve also thought of it too. I really enjoy my online class. I feel like I can grade and teach whenever I want – the weekends, late night, whenever. It’s very cool. Hopefully I can do more online classes. Since I’m doing one this summer I will really enjoy the freedom of teaching without being in the classroom during the summer months.

Enough about me – I need to get grading!

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