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Ok, first the good stuff – I finished my second knitting project ever. It’s that little black purse. The bitch was putting the lining in the damn thing. Here it is –

And just to show you how tiny it is –

My next knitting project is to make anothe purse – one that is practical for me size-wise. So, I am making my own pattern! I am kind of expanding the one I just did to the size I want and making all different handles, just one big long handle. I’m just going to make it up as I go along. I am also going to practice with different colors – intarsia – what a big word for me! I have picked out some greys and blues for the purse.

Ok, and as Paul Harvey would say, “And now, the rest of the story…” I am staying home from work tomorrow and Friday. I need to. I am sinking. That’s our word for it. I need to just be alone, up my meds and regroup a little. Being away from people is a good thing because I’m not such a good communicator when I’m slipping into my little cave. Plus I cry easily. I cried today at work, thank goodness I work with Mark. I was able to run to his office and weep. He’s so great – no questions asked. I wasn’t crying over anything particular.

You know the Zoloft commercial with the little egg guy is all sad until he takes Zoloft and then he and his bird friend start having a good time? Well, I’m the little egg guy right now. It just takes time for my meds to kick in and get my brain chemicals back on track. Talk about feeling helpless. So, I have made plans for my classes and plan on staying home. Mark is scared I’m going to stay in bed all day on Friday and Saturday. He said he’s calling all the time to make sure I’m up. I also stay in bed with the shades drawn and hibernate. Markie wants me to be up and doing stuff. It’s hard though. I came home early today and went straight to bed. I will probably go to bed early tonight too.

So, that’s my little life – I need to probably go talk to my doctor again because it’s been quite awhile since my meds were looked at, and when I start feeling this way it’s often time to switch/change dosages. We’ll see….

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