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Well, it’s the weekend and I’m very glad about that. I was able to work on my quilt last night and I’m gonna pick it back up here as soon as I’m done. I have some homework, but not tons, so I will get that done today too. It is bitter cold outside, so I imagine we’ll be staying inside today. The wind is just killer. It burns your skin something fierce.

I still am a bit obsessed with getting rid of things in my world – stuff. I have a fear of letting life go by and not really noticing everything. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Zukov, Thoreau, Northup and Myss. I don’t know. They seem to be living exactly how they want to and notice EVERYTHING around them – every molecule, every sunset, every falling leaf. Wouldn’t that be nice? Oh, man, so many questions in life. I’m glad I’m asking those questions though. I feel sorry for the folks that don’t ever question anything. Blind followers don’t have my respect.

I am sipping on some yummy coffee right now and feel like listening to NPR, sipping my joe, and working on the hand sewing on my quilt. What else could I need? Oh, how could I forget, there’ll be a kitty somewhere near me. She loves to craft with me. If I’m hand sewing, she insists on sleeping on the whatever I’m working on, if I’m knitting she plays with the ball of yarn and wants to drag it all around the house, if I’m at the machine sewing, she insists on sleeping right by the machine making it impossible to even pull my fabric through. Gotta love her though. She’s momma’s little crafter.

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