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Salma thanks so much for telling me about photo bucket. I THINK I can finally post pix by myself. I need to have a few moments to still work with it, but I am gonna give it another shot. BTW – that cutie pie in the entry before this is my baby – she’s 16 and her name is JD. She’s one of the most precious babies in the whole wide world.

Knitting update: I bought this knitting kit through QVC.com. I am working on the very first project – the purse. I finished the front part tonight and will continue working throughout the week. I think I read in this knitting book (which I also own) that most people ONLY make stuff the exact same color as they do in the patterns. I don’t. The purse they have in my book is red, and I’m making a black one. I would use a black one more.

I also got the SnB book, and I love it. I have already made the needle holder in the back of the book. Wait, I have an idea – I’ll take a pix and post it. Because I can! ( I think)

Off to bed, it’s late.

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