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Ok, have a seat and listen to my tale of woe. Monday morning, at work, I tried to post pictures to my blog. My own personal photos from my digi. Stef helped me out. She suggested I post my photos at webshots, which I did. I then tried to post a photo on my blog. It didn’t work. So I left it there – just a big gaping hole in my blog – and I tried it at Yahoo photos. I tried the same thing and the picutre appeared. Delighted I thought I’d go home and finish the rest. Well…when I got home I couldn’t see the Yahoo photo, but I could see the webshot photo. Total opposite of what I saw at work. So I tried it all from home. I did the same thing – posted a photo from Yahoo, and one from webshots. I could only see the Webshot photo and NOT the yahoo one. I left them there too. When I arrived at work this morning I needed to confirm and yes, this is how it works. At work I can only see Yahoo photos on my site, but at home I can only see webshot photos. AND, everybody else can’t see either of them! So I deleted all those entries and big holes in my blog and have resigned myself to the fact that this blog will not have photos. I am sad because I don’t know what I did wrong. But, trust me, my scarf is cool looking – I’m getting compliments and I’m awfully proud of myself. AND, my quilt just needs the binding stitched on then it’s totally done. It’s looking good too!

Ok, back to work!

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