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Here is my Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song? I’ve been listening to a lot of Jim Croce, so probably “Roller Derby Queen”

2. …food? Cinnamon Raisin bagels

3. …tv show? Real World

4. …scent? Sparkling Snowflake from Bath and Body

5. …quote? “Life’s a witch, and so am I”

Ok, on with my life. I had quilting class last night. I worked really hard for the first hour and a half, then we had to stop and work on our next project. We’re doing photo transfer stuff. So we were at the computers scanning and printing. The fabric paper is awesome. It’s super expensive though. Our teacher had lots of different brands and we experimented with a whole bunch. Of course, the one that I like is the most expensive, but the quality is unreal. You get what you pay for. I really wish I could’ve quilted more, but that’s ok. I will work on that tonight. I have some weekend teacher homework, then I will quilt – I have a couple things to watch on DVD, so I’ll just do that while I’m watching TV.

I promise I’ll get a picture up of my stuff – I will do that this weekend. I promise.

I am so happy it’s Friday – I slept in this morning. I figured, I could use an extra hour of sleep. So, I re-set the alarm and dozed off. I didn’t miss a thing – so all is good.

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!

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