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I got everything ready to go out for the teaswap. I am so excited for this one. I also picked up my cross-stitch and am nearing the end of that project. Then I have to frame it all. Tonight I quilt.

I am ready for the weekend. Though I do have lots to do. I will have homework, I have a movie I need to watch, laundry, clean the kitchen, crafting. Mark comes home on Saturday night. We’re gonna go out to dinner then. I have missed him so much. But I notice that when he’s gone I hog the ENTIRE bed. I am now directly in the middle and have pushed his pillows clear off to the side. I bet I’ll be hoggin’ it when he gets home too. Poor thing. The kitty is kind of getting used to it too. She’s sleeping ALL stetched out at the end of the bed like she doesn’t have a care in the world. How cute is that?

I have a busy day again, so off I go.

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