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I am so looking forward to our three day weekend. That will be nice. I have plenty of reading for work and for fun to catch up on. Plus, I’m sure we’ll rent a couple movies. I know that Friday night we are breaking out the Blazing Saddles DVD and laugh our butts off. But, other than that one, I’m not sure what we’ll watch. We were laughing about something from Blazing Saddles the other day, then we promised each other that we would watch it this weekend. Mark is a HUGE Mel Brooks fan. So, who knows what will happen this weekend.

Oh, I also want to knit. AND I want to work on my quilt. I have my quilting class tonight. So, I plan on brewing some tea, grabbing my to-go cup and heading to class prepared to put my nose to the grindstone and get crackin’ on that quilt.

Other than all that, I have found that I am inspired by many things on the Internet. Crafting ideas, book reviews, music review, other people’s blogs. Everything. I really feel I’ve made a small change within myself since the new year. I feel more focused on things and have tried to spend time with myself doing things I like. It’s immensely relaxing. I love it. Bursts of creativity keep me going and feel oh-so much better when I’m creative rather than being a couch potato.

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