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2004-01-09T20:37:08.666-06:00It’s Friday night and I’m having a great time all alone – Mark is at a conference and will be home tomorrow. I rented a bunch of Woody Allen movies and am sitting back with my Diet Coke and my knitting. It’s awfully chilly and windy outside, so this seems blissful to me. The kitty is sleeping contently on the other side of the couch. We are happy. I also have some Yankee candles burning – ones that I got for Christmas, so of course, it smells fabulous in here. I will probably be up rather late, I want to get at least two movies out of the way. I’ll watch the other two tomorrow during the day. Mark tolerates my love of Woody Allen movies, but I enjoy watching them by myself because I know he’s not into it as much as I am.

Oh! I had my first quilting class last night. I am so terribly excited. I stayed up late last night too surfing for quilting patterns. I love the class, and the people are great. It’s beginning and intermediate together. So, some of the people are working on major projects while the rest of us are learning basics. It’s kind of inspirational because we saw all these fabulous pieces some of these women are making. Last night we learned to chenille. I have to go shopping tomorrow to by my flannel and some of the quilting tools that I don’t already have in my sewing box. I already found a pattern for my chenille quilt, and I found a pattern for a chenille scarf, and one for this cool rag quilt. I think that’s plenty for my class. We have to finish at least one major project by the end of the semester. I want to finish more than one! I figure if I go in there for the three hour class each week and seriously work I’ll get everything done. Some of these women do a lot of talking I’ve noticed. They’re like you’re typical “quilting bee” women. I want to pick a work station away from them so I’m not tempted to gab. A few women bring music and plug in their headsets. I think I may do that, but I’m afraid I’ll end up with too many cord, fabric and other crap in my lab that I’ll goof up. I may just sit in the back by myself. It was so inspirational I can’t explain. There’s just something about being around creativity – it lights a fuse in me and I LOVE that feeling!

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