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Company is gone. As soon as they left I crashed for a few hours. Emotionally and physically tired. It was good to nap. Things are kind of back to normal at our house now. I still have some cleaning to do, but not much. Our laptop is fixed!! I’m happy.

My craft update: I have read and re-read my books, I can’t decipher everything by just looking at the pictures. For my crocheting, I am randomly increasing and decreasing without knowing how I’m doing it. With knitting I am doing the same thing, plus coming up with big ole holes in the middle of stuff. I am practicing though. But I feel like I can’t go any further without someone actually “Showing” me what I’m doing wrong. Otherwise I just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I have to stop bad habits before they start. I don’t think I know anyone that does either. Everyone I talk to says – “oh, my grandma used to do that” that doesn’t help me… I’m not getting frustrated yet because I still have hope that I can figure it out. I hope…

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