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It was a very nice Christmas for the two of us this year. Probably the most stress-free since I don’t know when. It was just the two of us. We spent time in the afternoon cleaning the house. Then – horror of horrors, our laptop jacked up. Yes, jacked up is a technical term. We have wireless connection to our PC and suddenly it says we’re connected to the Morris house – the Morris’s are our neighbors. We were somehow connecting to them – well, now we can’t connect at all on the laptop. I’m pretty bummed. I used the laptop more than hubby. We must get it fixed. The thing is – we don’t know how… So, we’ll wait – when school starts back up we’ll have someone from our MIS department come help us.

While Mark was failing on the computer, I was failing on crocheting and knitting. My God – I can’t decipher those pictures in those darn books for nothin’. I would do what I THOUGHT they said to do, then it would turn out nothing like the picture. I kept tugging things around and reading the directions to Mark to see if he could figure out where the second loop from the top was?? So, I put it away for tonight and work on it tomorrow. Tonight I plan on reading.

Merry Christmas

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