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All I’ve really wanted to do tonight was sit here, blog and sip on some hazelnut coffee. Finally. This day went mighty fast. We sat in a Dr.’s office for Mark most of the afternoon. We’re trying some new meds for his nerve damage. Then we were supposed to head to the hospital for an MRI, but we decided to play hookey. This was just a three month follow up, so it can be rescheduled – no biggie.

I am having to bake tonight, because my mother informed me that she wants me to bake for when they come for Christmas. Even though she told me NOT to bake anything for them. So, here it is, a few days before they arrive and I’m having to bake. So, it’s all gonna be refrigerated cookie dough that I jazz up a bit. Unreal. Isn’t it amazing how our mothers still affect us no matter how old we are? I remember seriously thinking that it all ended the moment I would turn 18. Nope.

I have been busy contemplating where I am in my life. I love it, but sometimes I think, “what would’ve happened if I…” There’s nothing really in particular I think about, just basic stuff – like what I majored in something else, what if went to a different college, what if I didn’t go to college….stuff like that. I don’t regret anything in my life because everything has gotten me where I am right now. And I’m VERY pleased with where I am now. So, even the odd choices, the difficult ones and the heartbreaks all have put me right here, right now. I never want to regret anything. I get scared sometimes when I have to make a decision that I may regret my choice. So far, so good.

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