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Yesterday was super. I really think everyone in the whole world was off work and at Best Buy. The lines were crazy long. We got what we wanted though. We used our gift certificate and walked out of there with a router, an Ethernet card, and a stack of CDs to burn. We then headed to Petsmart to finish shopping for the baby. We played with a couple of the puppies there too. At Barnes and Noble I spent my time looking at craft magazines and recipe books. It was lovely. We then headed to the movies to see Bad Santa – it was a riot. It is seriously one of the best movies of my life. There was a couple in front of us that left after about the 30th “F-word” – we laughed. Then, there was a couple that brought their little nine year old boy with them. WTF were they thinking? If you’ve seen the movie you understand that it’s NOT for kids. It’s rated R for a reason people.

Ok, now for this – my high school sweetheart and his wife just had their first baby. He sent pictures. She’s beautiful. It really affected me for some reason. On a lot of different levels actually. I didn’t expect that. I usually get a little sad over the holidays about that whole baby thing. I cried about a week ago. I was cleaning and dusting off photos and I picked up this one photo we have of Mark when he was little. He was dressed like a little man and looked adorable. I kept staring at him and wishing we could have a little Markie running around the house. I would love to pick him up and kiss him and play with him. I think during Christmas it’s worse for me than usual. So, when I got the email with the picture of the baby, my heart broke a little. I really think we would be super parents. I know we’ll have to look at adopting, but Mark has issues with that (remember, he’s adopted). I don’t know…it’s just emotional for me once in awhile. During the summer I usually feel this way too. I would love to take a little one to the pool and go on adventures in the neighborhood, ride bikes, take summer vacations together, go on picnics. Ok, enough…

Well, other than my topsy turvy emotional issues things have been good. I took a nap this afternoon. Kind of to get this funk out of my head. It kind of worked. I feel a little better. I have things to do so I should probably jump on that stuff. I have to do some homework stuff, and work on some bills and stuff.

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