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Well, this is it. The last week. Finals are this week. So there’s a different vibe on campus. I’m a little relaxed right now, things are starting to pour in, but I’ll keep on top of it. I have fairly easy finals and not as much grading as I do some semesters. Plus, I end up getting much grading done while I’m in a final.

I need to get caught up on some housework. Being out of town this weekend didn’t help much. I still have wrapping to do. Perhaps I can get some of that started tonight. Hmmmm, sounds like a plan. I think that’s what I’ll do. I have to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms, then I’ll plunk down and wrap stuff. Won’t hubby be surprised! The kitty will be unhappy though. She likes sleeping under the tree. So I’ll leave her a little space so she can snuggle under the tree in between presents. I usually don’t wrap her stuff, her stuff is mostly stocking stuffers. She usually gets her big gifts on her birthday. What a spoiled little baby!

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