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I was supposed to sit at home and do work for school last night – but I didn’t. I crafted all night long. I’m ok though. I was really having a good time, and I like the feeling I get when I’m being creative. I am very pleased with my work – I started on another scarf. I think I’ll take a little break then, I need to focus on my work and reading. Don’t want to become too obsessive.

I have fairly early days from here on out. I should be able to leave by 2:30 every day, if not earlier till the 12th. Then I don’t have to worry about work for a month, so that’s good. I’ve been in jeans all this week. That should probably tell you what it’s like in my head right now – mentally, I’m already on vacation. That’s ok though. We don’t have a dress code, so no one cares. Hell, everyone else is in jeans all the time, I usually only wear them once or twice or week. Mark wears them each and every day. He’s never worn anything but jeans and tshirts or sweatshirts to work. Ahh, that college life… I’d really like to wear what the students wear – flannel jammie bottoms and big ole slippers to class. That would be comfy!

I have some grading to do and some emails to respond to. I have to be at the theatre tonight, so I won’t be getting anything done tonight. I need to crank it all out now.

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