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I’ve been enjoying my life right now – especially since things are kind of winding down around work. It’s such a good feeling. It’s been cold at night, so I love going home after work and reading or crafting with a good cup of tea. I always craft more during the winter months for some reason. I have been working on my knitting loom. I want to learn to really knit, but my loom makes some really cool things too. So, I have stockpiled much yarn and am busy working away. In fact, I think I’m going to take some orders from friends. Using that awesome chenille yarn makes cozy little sweaters and lots of people have asked if I could make them one. I may do that for gifts, or I could have a thing going on the side….hm…Have to think about that.

My family – ugh – they hardly EVER come visit. I don’t know why – I think I’m starting to get a complex about the whole thing. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had any of my family come see us. We only live three hours apart – HELLO! So, we decided that we have been lugging up gifts and what-not up there for years, it’s time someone come see us. Well, it kind of worked and it kind of didn’t. They are coming down on the 26th – better than nothing. They’ll leave on the 27th. One day. We have a huge house – there’s plenty of room – everyone will have their own bed and bath for crying out loud. I just don’t understand it. Plus they are going to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts up there without us. What is that about? Ok, I’m going off here a little, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want. I just get sad. I don’t quite understand it. We invite and invite, and they make up lame excuses. It just seems like they think we should go up there ALL the time – EVERY holiday. Perhaps if we lived many, many hours away, but three! )Oh well – I need to stop talking about this – I am thankful for very much, and I am thankful for my family. They’re just frustrating sometimes.

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