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I stayed home yesterday because I wasn’t feeling perfect (a migraine started, but I caught it in time – thank you Imitrex!) and I had stuff I needed to take care. So, I spent the better part of the day in bed with the shades pulled, then when I felt better I started to tackle my chores.

I can not explain how ready I am for Thanksgiving break! I plan on taking one whole day to do NOTHING. I want to stay in my jammies and watch movies for that day. I can’t wait! Mark and I are way behind on our movies anyway – this will be a great opportunity to catch up on stuff.

I have a busy day today, but that means it should go quickly. Fine by me. I’m booked tonight too, so before I know it, it’ll be bedtime again.

Oh, one of my students was in Mississippi with a college group watching a debate on the legalization of marijuana. One of the guys presenting was the former editor of High Times magazine – so she got me his autograph! I have to hang it up. I’m sure the rest of the faculty will stick their noses up, but I think it’s hilarious! He put a little heart and a peace sign by his name too. Plus, he made it out to me personally. I will have to hang it up in my office where all can see – I love freaking people out.

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