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I’ve been a reading fool this weekend so far. I really did need to catch up on stuff. I’m glad I’ve cranked out a few.
We went to see Elf last night – laughed! My favorite part was when he tried to put the star on the Christmas tree. That’s where I laughed the hardest. We then headed to this cute little Italian place – I had fried ravioli and Mark had spaghetti and meatballs.
Today we slept in and headed to the coffee shop for lunch and for school work. I go all my grading done and some other stuff too. It’s very fall-like today, so Mark is out raking leaves and being Mr. Yard Man.
I think I’m probably gonna take a nap – cuddle up with kitty and rest for an hour or so. We were planning on heading to church this weekend – but I don’t know. I am having such a hard time with all that now. It’s actually been brewing inside of me for years, but I feel like I’ve just followed to blindly. I am a believer in God. I don’t agree with everything people/churches say. I am ultra liberal! I’m not gonna get into my views, but you can imagine. Consequently – most churches don’t share the same views I do. I’ve just kind of turned a deaf ear to what they have to say and continued going to church while disagreeing with their teachings. Is that right? Am I being hypocritical? Why go if I don’t believe? I love being at church though – I get a good feeling, I learn, I am reminded – I genuinely think I am a more consientious person when I go weekly. We haven’t been since February. We’ve talked about going, but haven’t. We’re in such a small little college town that we really don’t have many choices. But we do miss going – why doesn’t the church think like we do????

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