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I am so ready for this weekend. In fact, I was just visiting with Mark and had to find out what we were doing this weekend. I haven’t even thought about it. Sleeping in is the first order of business. Then I’m sure we’ll head to the coffee shop for lunch. Our favorite place.

Today I had such a super busy. A colleague of mine came down to lecture to one of my classes. He’s been doing this for many semesters. I love listening to him. Today he spoke abut Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales I was happy. It made me want to dive right into the book again. Then afterwards we went to the tea room with the woman who held my job before me. She has since retired. I admire her greatly, and she has been a big influence on my career. The three of us sat in the tea room munching on scones and sipping our various teas. I had a nice green tea they offered. It was such a great morning.

Tonight we are going to a bar and hanging out with a couple friends of ours. One just recently moved back in town. We’re excited about that because he’s one of Mark’s good friends, plus he’s just a nice guy. We think that will be a good way to end our week. I am debating as to what I should drink – I’m not in a beer mood, so maybe Bailey’s over ice? White Russian? Chardonnay? That’s all I’m kind of in the mood for. I bet I’ll take a Bailey’s over ice – yummy. I’ll wait and see, we have a few hours before we’re heading out. We’ll meet them at 10.

I am planning on doing some work this weekend – I need to prepare for a lecture on Antigone. This time I want to have students compare it with the themes in The Oedipus Trilogy. I think that’s simple enough – if they’ve done the reading. Their in-class writing assignment will be easy to tell if they did the reading or not. So, off I go to read some Greek literature!

I think I’ll brew a quick cup of chai to go along with that Greek.

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