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I loved the tea room! I’m putting my “review” on the teaswap site.

The rest of my halloween was ok. I took a nap after lunch – which was wonderful because it was actually a little chilly yesterday. I love sleeping when it’s a little cold. We then fixed a little veggie tray to take to our party. We headed over there and had a nice time. There were a lot of people we didn’t know. Lots of them brought their kids, so it was a fun watching them dig through their candy and switching costumes. I only had a couple of beers then ended up visiting for the rest of the night. We left so we could head to the late movie and watch The School of Rock. We liked it because we think Jack Black is hilarious. It was really late by then so we headed home and tucked ourselves in.

The thing with the party is that when I’m around people sometimes I am in awe at how much I DON”T have in common with them. I was all excited about sharing my lunch experience with them and they all seemed to think it was a little silly to have a tea room. Lots of them said, “What the hell is a tearoom anyway?” It makes me realize over and over how much I DON’T have in common with my so-called friends. They also don’t quite understand me sometimes. It’s really sad. I try not to think about it a lot because I get depressed. But I guess it’s ok because we all learn from each other any. At least I learn from them, I hope they learn from me…

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