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I had to steal this from Lisanne – thanks!

1] What are some Halloween costumes that you wore as a kid? [If you celebrate Halloween, that is.]
I went as a hobo a lot of times, one time a pirate – hardly ever girly things for some reason

2] Do you have a lot of trick or treaters where you live? What type of goodies will you be giving out?
Tons of trick or treaters! I’m not kidding, parents drop their kids off in our neighborhood – it drives me crazy! We’re giving out dum-dums, kisses and hugs, runts and nerds.

3] Have you decorated for autumn/Halloween at all?
Yes, I have some basic things I put around the house – not much though.

4] Are you making any Halloween/fall crafts? If so, what?
No, not this year, just normal crafting projects I’m in the middle of.

5] What are some of your favorite fall foods?
Soups, chilis, coffees, teas, ciders, stews, pretty much anything that comes from a crock-pot, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, stuffing/dressing, pumpkin pie. Ok, gotta stop, my mouth is watering.

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