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So, it looks like when I take a day off of work I take a day off from writing, huh? Well, we’re both back at work today. Yesterday we went to the neurosurgeon for Mark’s follow up. We don’t have to go back for two months. I’m happy. We got good news from the Doc, things are progressing as they should. Since we’re a little impatient we usually think he’s falling behind somehow. But it was good to hear some reinforcement. We then took the rest of the day off and had lunch, went to the mall, and then hung out at the bookstore. Of course, I bought stuff, I bought Life in a Medieval Village and I also bought this magazine called Relevant I have looked at it before, but I thought I’d bring it home to read it further. Not bad.

Ok, I have stuff piled on my desk, so I better get busy!

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