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Ah, lunch time – and I forgot my lunch.  Lovely.  I ate stuff from the machine.  Healthy, huh?  Oh well, once in awhile it has to be done.  I don’t have time to go off campus, so I’m stuck with candy and chips.  We have nothing healthy in our machine. Ok, maybe gum.


I am in the process of ordering textbooks to review for upcoming semesters.  I am excited.  I love looking through textbooks.  Especially the poetry ones.  I actually got this awesome one in the mail this morning.  It is for students interested in analyzing literature and how to write about it.  I am keeping it.  I already have tons of pages marked.


I am wondering how to correctly review books in a class.  I hate having to give tests or quizzes over the readings.  Plus, it’s not fair that only a few of them actually do the reading.  What am I to do?  I would appreciate some feedback on this – email me.  I have tried numerous ways in the classroom, but I’m not sure what the best choice is.  Let me know if you have ideas, or if you experienced fun concepts in your college lit classes.  Reminder:  The lit class I’m talking about is for non-majors – in other words, students that just want the credit – not my favorite kind of lit student.  Give me the lit student the LOVES lit and I’m happy.  That’s why I teach.


“Literature is one of the humanities, so-called because its study makes one more fully human, more able to understand and appreciate the full range of human experiences and human emotion.”  Pat McKeague

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