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We had our comedy show last night.  It went ok.  I sucked ass a few times.  I think I was trying too hard.  Plus it really has been awhile since I’ve done it.  I can’t wait to watch the tape.  That’ll be the true test.  That and feedback that I get today.


Tonight I have a satellite seminar.  There are only 4 of these left. Yeah.  I don’t really mind them, I mind having to be at school again.  Sometimes I just wanna be home.  Tonight I have to clean the bathrooms.  So I’ll get that done some time.  I also have speeches to grade.  Aren’t I lucky?


I really didn’t get much sleep last night – I got to bed after midnight and got up before six.  Not much sleep for me anyway.  I’m surprisingly peppy, so that’s a good thing.


I really wish I had more time to write.  I know, I  know, they say that you make time for what’s really important – I  guess sleep is winning out.  I have these awesome ideas, but I have so many other things that take pecedence right now – like grades…midterms…RCF shows….PTK stuff…. on and on.


So, I leave you with…

“If not now, when?”  The Talmud

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