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It’s the start of the weekend and I’ve been awfully lazy already.  I slept till about 3.  Then we headed to Kings for lunch/dinner.  We did some homework.  I actually got tons done considering I thought I had much more to do.  Amazing.  I plan to listen to the football game on the radio tonight.  I also want to continue working on my robert frost stuff.  Plus other writing stuff I need to get done.  I want to read too.  It’s so fall-like outside – i love it.


We went to the bluegrass concert last night. Their encore was the best part.  They rocked!  They played Smoke on the Water bluegrass style – awesome.  Then they also did their own solos – the mandolin player was incredible.  He can jam.  I was very impressed.  Plus he had an awesome voice.  I got some stuff done while sitting in the booth – good for me!


I suppose I need to start laundry and stuff.  I actually could nap again and I’ve only been up for three and a half hours.  Lazy baby.  I want to watch SNL tonight too.  Gonna take a break from grading and read something.

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