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pinterest challenge #2

So today I completed Pinterest Challenge #2

We decided to this elephant. I have it pinned on my craft board.

This is what she created:



I call this one a success.

I had black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint.  We mixed it up on a paper plate with a brush.  We did a total of 5.  The first 2 were kind of a trial-and-error for us. Once she really got the hang of pressing her hand on the paper, all went well. It dried all day. Then she glued on a googly eye.  Then she used a black Sharpie to make the tail, ears, trunk lines and feet.

They are going in the  mail tomorrow morning to the family. I’m sure they will be loved!

pinterest challenge #1

Here is my first Pinterest Challenge for the month.

I decided to try the showerhead cleaner that I had pinned on my Cleaning board.

Here is my shower head around 7:30 last night:


Here is the process during:


Then, 11 hours later – this is what we have:


Hmmm, other than being a bit shinier – nothing.  I was so disappointed in this.  I took a cloth and tried to scrub off the hardwater deposits afterwards, but that didn’t do anything. So, I did it, but it was no bueno. I am going to unpin this from my board.  Yes, I said it, I am going to unpin it.

But, challenge number 1 is done.  Lesson learned…