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Truckin’ along

Yesterday was a great success (you need to say like Borat in order for it to be effective).  Anyway, I conquered my list. My uber long, lengthy list! And, the wee one conquered her little list.  Much happiness all around.

The biggest news of all – the wee one finished a dress:

She is wearing it to school today, and she couldn’t be more proud!  It’s a bit wonky, but she doesn’t care. All she sees is beauty – pure beauty. And it’s with those eyes that I desire to see the world. So, when she came to me asking if she could wear it to school today – the day of school pictures – I said “YES”. She will feel so beautiful in her dress, and I can’t wait for that happiness to shine through. Now, is the dress perfect? No.  Does she care? No. It’s the little things guys – it’s HER loving a dress that makes me keep things in perspective.  That’s why she is in my life!

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