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pinterest challenge #3

This is my pinterest challenge#3

These frames were my inspiration

So, I had these leftover wood rings from something. So, I decided to use them.


I dug out the ribbons and stared wrapping. The first one I hung in my daughter’s closet to use as the pull-string for her light.  I hung it with a pink shoe string.


So, I started to wrap the other ones and add buttons here and there:


Some of them had two types of ribbons or lace.  This is what I ended up with:

They aren’t really frames, so I decided to find a place for them. And, I found her boring little lampshade in her room:


So, I hot glued them to her lampshade:


This was a super easy project. Very colorful and fun. Plus, the wee one is please – and that’s all that matters.  I would call this one a success!


3 Responses

  1. Love them all! Using one for a light pull-string is such a great idea!

  2. I love your ideas, especially the pull-string for the light! Love the bright colors and big buttons, too cute!

  3. Fun!! I absolutely love this–it would make for a cute little mobile as well. I love how you took the idea and totally made it your own.

    I’m so happy for your enthusiasm with the challenge! 😉 (one little request–when you link, can you make sure to link to the specific post? You can get the permanent link by click on the title of your post–if you need help doing this, let me know.)

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