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may day

So, it’s the first of the month.  I have things that I do the first day of each month. I have a list because I am afraid of forgetting something.  Some of them are rather mundane – but here-goes;

  • I only have two wall calendars. One in the kitchen, and one in my office. I make sure to switch those.
  • I change the template of my blogs on Blogger.  This just keeps it interesting for me. Oh, and I go in order.  I do a lot of things in order. But, I just apply the next style after my current style. Even if I don’t really care for. I go in order, damnit!
  • I change my desktop and screen saver.  On my laptop and my work PC.  Again, I go in order. But, for my work one, I leave it over the summer – I don’t even mess with it because I’m not here.
  • I also make sure to change the furnace/AC filters.  I admit I do skip months if we didn’t even use the unit, but I feel better knowing it’s changed.  I won’t be actually changing it today because we just had our AC serviced for summer, and he did it then. So, I’m good.
  • I change my purse. I do not go in order with these though.  I sometimes even skip months. For example, I’m not changing it today.  I got a new purse the beginning of April, and I like it a lot – so I’m gonna stick with it for another month. Plus, I’m kinda bad about changing them over the summer anyway. See – don’t you just love it!
  • I change the background pic on my phone. I do this because I have such adorable pictures of her, that I just have to switch them around now and then.
  • I change the theme of my email accounts – my work one, and my yahoo one.  Yes, in order. But, wait – just so you all know – NOTHING bad happens if I choose NOT to go in order. I just LIKE to go in order.  Capice?
  • I change the background of my iPod touch. I use my iPod for knitting podcasts while I’m on the treadmill. I also whip it out if I am stuck waiting for her someplace.
  • I have 7 piercings in my ears.  Three of them I never change.  Two of them I change out every month. The other two I change daily.
  • I have this paper towel holder in my kitchen with a month theme thingy.  So, I need to switch it out every month too.  If I don’t remind myself I still have the Christmas tree decoration up in April. So, I do it every month.

And that – is what I do.  Once a month

Oh, and the Pinterest Challenge starts today! I have my ideas planned out for this week. I can’t wait!  I hope to do my first one tonight.

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